Welcome to TargSATS

We specialise in target setting and assessment software for primary schools.


Go to the  New curriculum. page to see what the exciting new curriculum assessment looks like from TargSATS. The new curriculum files are now posted on the updates page. All files are free to current users. New users may purchase for just £175, including all year groups and site licence.

In response to user requests we will be providing the current assessment system into the foreseeable future.

We believe our software gives the most powerful and comprehensive range of analyses currently available to teachers in the Primary sector. Not only does it enable you to track pupil progress, it introduces coherent and comprehensive target setting procedures into your school.

It enables teachers and leaders to understand and take ownership of data, its analysis and implications.

It gives analyse by gender, ethnicity, prior school, class, set or any other custom group you care to identify eg. Pupil Premium,  springboard intervention etc.

Import and export data in line with the DfCSF operability agreement.

We have a dedicated team of specialist consultants with Headteacher and assessment experience to offer you a range of training and consultancy to meet your specific needs.

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